I am a full-stack developer with a passion for continually improving my craft. I try to adopt a beginner’s attitude by continuously pursuing new skills and working to improve upon my existing set. My overarching philosophy and goal in any project is to ship robust software in a timely fashion. With this in mind, I strive to develop using proper OO principles and testing. My preferred development language is Ruby due to its expressive syntax; however, I utilize the proper tool for the project, which has often included PHP and JavaScript.

My path toward becoming a developer has been defined by my twin interests in health sciences and development. Ever since I was a boy and my father brought home our first MSDOS PC, I have been eagerly immersed in a world of computers. I began studying programming in high school and have continued to improve myself to this day. I majored in Biochemistry at UC Santa Barbara while researching immunology. In 2010, I was drawn to Columbia University to study human nutrition. While there, I became involved in a functional MRI experiment and combined my interests in health, nutrition, and development to better understand how exercise influences appetite. The experiment was highly technical and involved a heavy amount of python and bash scripting to pull off. In addition, I gained valuable people and project management skills that continue to serve me well.

When I am not “typing in different colors” as my girlfriend lovingly terms coding, I enjoy surfing and lifting weights. I am an avowed dog person and spoil my puppy Charlie at every opportunity.