Mar '20 - Present | VP of Engineering


  • Currently leading a 26-member Engineering team building software to assist hospitals deliver a higher quality of care through accurate and accessible data abstraction and reporting.

Aug '17 - Mar '20 | Director of Engineering


  • Led and grew a team of fifteen generalist web engineers into a multi-application, cross-discplinary department encompassing twenty six people across developer operations, UI/UX, and data science.
  • Spun off and launched a stand alone technology offering for data abstraction and registry quality reporting
  • Responsible for hiring efforts, maintaining a productive team culture and process, making strategic technical decisions, and ensuring delivery and stability of our application

Sept '16 - Jul '17 | Lead Software Engineer


  • Tech team lead for a seven person team working on the application I architected as a Software Engineer
  • Coordinated the delivery of sub applications on strict deadlines while balancing the competing priorities of continual improvement on the underlying framework in order to improve performance and reduce margins

Jun '15 - Aug '16 | Software Engineer


  • Built medical abstraction applications with a combination of Rails APIs backing Ember front end applications
  • Lead architect and engineer on a long term green-field application that provides a framework for rapid development of future sub-applications
    • Effectively coordinated development resources and provided long-term strategic planning for the above product



  • M.S. Human Nutrition | Columbia University '11
  • B.S. Biochemistry | UC Santa Barbara '09

Development Experience

Sep '13 - May '15 | Web Engineer

Monk Development

  • Active and significant contributions to two commerce-focused Rails applications, multiple PHP applications, and a ruby gem
  • Worked within an Open Allocation style of management which entails:
    • enhanced project management skills
    • simultaneous engagement across multiple projects
    • continuous effective interdepartmental collaboration and communication
  • Lead engineer on three successfully executed long-term projects under Open Allocation

Nov '11 - Mar '13 | Web Developer and Literature Researcher

Hinkle Charitable Foundation & Sei Querce Vineyards

  • Designed and deployed a group of websites for the Sei Querce Vineyards’ product line
  • Work included literature research and synthesis for an upcoming book on nutrition
  • Built a custom content management system for the Six Oaks Farm branch of Sei Querce Vineyards
    • Application written in PHP using the Yii framework and MVC principles
    • Includes both an in-app management and emailing of weekly harvest updates

Oct '10 - Aug '13 | fMRI Research Programming

Columbia University

  • Autonomously developed and executed a functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging study
    • Study focused on changes in appetitive behavior and neural circuitry underlying these changes
    • The experiment required strong planning and people management skills including: protocol development, subject screening, recruitment, and MRI scanning
  • Sole programmer for all scripts across the entire continuum of the experiment
    • Stimuli presentation and data collection scripts were written in MATLAB. This was particularly challenging due to the high-degree of granularity required in time tracking and coordination with the fMRI scanner
    • Data analysis scripts were a combination of shell, MATLAB, and Python scripts which drove the fMRIB software library
    • Wrote a suite of Python scripts that speeded analysis, data management, and results organization. Code can be found on my github under the fsl_tools project.

Jun '09 - Apr' 10 | Flash Web App Developer

University of California at Santa Barbara

  • Designed, programmed, and implemented a series of Flash-based immunology cases for use in U.C.S.B professor’s medical immunology class
    • Product was a game in which students were graded on their ability to correctly diagnose a patient based upon symptom presentation and diagnostic tests
    • Underlying game logic was written in Action Script and included approximately 20 scenarios with 30 different diagnostic tests
    • Crafted the underlying SQL queries to store users and scores in a MySQL database

Research Experience

Sep '08 - Aug '09 | Research Assistant: Immunology

University of California at Santa Barbara

Conducted undergraduate research under UCSB immunology professor. Experimental focus was on macrophage Fc receptors. Experimental techniques utilized included: Western Gel-electrophoresis, sterile cell work, fluorescent antibody incubations and FACs.

Jun - Sep '08 | University of California San Diego

Research Assistant

Interviewed post-trauma victims to obtain and analyze smoking habit data. The project's goal was to optimize hospitalization so as to impact the smoking habits of trauma patients, who have a higher rate of tobacco use than that of the general population.

Jun - Sep '07 | San Diego Rheumatologist

Research Assistant

Research Assistant to Rheumatologist. Data management and sample collection/processing for clinical trials of disease-modifying agents in rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and other autoimmune diseases.


Hinkle W, Cordell M, Leibel R, Rosenbaum M, Hirsch J (2013) Effects of Reduced Weight Maintenance and Leptin Repletion on Functional Connectivity of the Hypothalamus in Obese Humans. PLoS ONE 8(3): e59114. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0059114