Michael Cordell


Technical Leader @ Q-Centrix

Titles: VP of Engineering, Director of Engineering
Aug 2017 - Present

Currently leading a 40-member engineering team focused on building a software platform for healthcare quality-of-care data. Our software looks to improve healthcare by making data abstraction and reporting more accessible and accurate.

  • Successfully led the transition from a primarily services-based company to a data, technology, and tech-enabled services organization.
    • Released multiple software products, including a standalone technology allowing for data abstraction and registry-quality reporting.
    • During leadership tenure, revenue rose from $49M/yr to $110M/yr.
    • Technology is presently both the fastest growing and second largest revenue line.
    • Built a data-engineering practice and accompanying architecture to support data-related products and analytics.
    • Established data science practices and NLP projects to automate aspects of our service delivery
  • Grew the team from generalist web engineers to a multi-application, cross-disciplinary department spanning data engineering, data science, DevOps, and UI/UX.
    • Professionalized processes with roll outs of incident response playbooks, standardized interview procedures, a career ladder, and inter-team SDLC.
    • Maintained excellent employee engagement and a high-performance culture. Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) within the department was 62 (50+ is considered excellent).
  • Experience with both buy-side and sell-side in acquisitions:
    • Performed technical diligence and integration on multiple tech product acquisitions. This included the successful integration of a product team with seven engineers and a legacy tech stack.
    • Led technical side of sale diligence during the successful company transaction in 2018.


Individual Contributor @ Q-Centrix

Titles: Lead Software Engineer, Software Engineer
Jun 2015 - Jul 2017

Architect of a framework that provides rapid development of medical data abstraction software. Utilized this framework to build and release multiple products to the quality-of-care market. This framework and application constellation became the foundation of the company's push into data and technology offerings.

  • As a tech lead, coordinated the delivery of sub-applications on strict deadlines. In parallel, balanced work on performance improvements to the underlying framework to improve user experience.
    • Leader in the product development practice within a Scrum framework. Guided decision making around performance and scalability.
  • Developed with full test coverage and well structured object oriented practices.
    • Tech stack was a combination of Ruby on Rails backing a PostgreSQL database. Application provided GraphQL APIs to Ember and React front-ends and served from an AWS cloud environment.

Web Engineer @ Monk Development

Sep 2013 - May 2015
  • Active and significant contributions to two commerce-focused Rails applications, multiple PHP applications, and a ruby gem
  • Worked within an Open Allocation style of management, which entails:
    • enhanced project management skills
    • simultaneous engagement across multiple projects
    • continuous effective interdepartmental collaboration and communication
  • Lead engineer on three successfully executed long-term projects under Open Allocation

Web Developer and Literature Researcher @ Hinkle Charitable Foundation & Sei Querce Vineyards

Nov 2011 - Mar 2013
  • Designed and deployed a group of websites for the Sei Querce Vineyards’ product line
  • Work included literature research and synthesis for a book on nutrition
  • Built a custom content management system for the Six Oaks Farm branch of Sei Querce Vineyards
    • Application written in PHP using the Yii framework and MVC principles
    • Includes both an in-app management and emailing of weekly harvest updates

fMRI Research Programming @ Columbia University

Oct 2010 - Aug 2013
  • Autonomously developed and executed a functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging(fMRI) study on changes in appetitive behavior and neural circuitry underlying these changes.
    • Study focused on changes in appetitive behavior and neural circuitry underlying these changes
    • The experiment required sound planning and people management skills including: protocol development, subject screening, recruitment, and MRI scanning
  • Sole programmer for all scripts across the entire continuum of the experiment
    • Wrote stimuli presentation and data collection scripts in MATLAB. This was challenging due to the granularity required in time-tracking and coordination with the fMRI scanner.
    • Data analysis scripts combined shell, MATLAB, and Python which drove the fMRIB software library.

Flash Web App Developer @ University of California at Santa Barbara

Jun 2009 - Apr 2010

Designed, programmed, and implemented a series of Flash-based immunology cases for use in U.C.S.B professor’s medical immunology class

  • Product was a game that graded students on their ability to correctly diagnose a patient through symptom presentation and diagnostic tests
  • Underlying game logic was written in Action Script and included approximately 20 scenarios with 30 different diagnostic tests
  • Crafted the underlying SQL queries to store users and scores in a MySQL database


  • M.S. Human Nutrition | Columbia University '11
  • B.S. Biochemistry | U.C. Santa Barbara '09


Hinkle W, Cordell M, Leibel R, Rosenbaum M, Hirsch J (2013) Effects of Reduced Weight Maintenance and Leptin Repletion on Functional Connectivity of the Hypothalamus in Obese Humans. PLoS ONE 8(3): e59114 doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0059114